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How Do I Donate

Donating Artifacts and Records

The Colchester Historical Society collects artifacts and archival material to preserve and make accessible to the public. In keeping with our mandate, we only collect material related to Colchester County. Although we cannot accept all the material that comes our way, we are always happy to consider prospective donations. The Collections Committee is responsible for deciding what is accepted into our collection.

Material suitable for donation may include, but is not limited to:

    • Items created by Colchester manufacturers
    • Advertising material
    • Photographs of events, buildings, people (identified)
    • Maps
    • Diaries
    • Genealogical records
    • Ledgers or records of Colchester businesses
    • Records of clubs and societies
    • Oral histories
    • Books and family histories for our reference library

To inquire about donating artifacts or archival material, contact the archivist, Ryan McLellan:
Telephone: (902) 895-9530
Email: research@colchesterhistoreum.ca